About Me

The Shopping Experience

This year, especially in the Northeast United States we experience extreme heat. What does that do to your shopping experience. If you are anything like me it probably puts a damper on it. But by design it soon with be cold and I don’t want to go out to shop in the cold either. Spring and Fall, they are my shopping periods.

Having said that please let me share with you my love to shop. Knowing this will help you understand why I turned to internet shopping. 80% of all my shopping is online and I have found it to be better than anything experienced at a physical facility. The reason is I can find anything I want online, but it takes patience and persistence in some instances.

My desire was to build a mini-mall where you could find anything you needed and if you cant find it? Well then email me and I will take the time to locate your item.

It is my joy for shopping that lead me to this website and I hope you joy to shop bring you here again and again.